About $BEBE

Bebe the Bull, Pepe the Frog and Dede the Bird once grew up together in USA, Ontario California, raised by their Father Elon Musk.
Pepe was a talented Frog and became a big meme in the world and decided to launch a coin that mooned till the billions.
Dede was jealous of Pepe as he felt betrayed so he decided to murder Pepe.

Now with just Bebe left, he's about to take revenge of Dede and flip Dede's market cap with his own coin.


Total Supply :

Max Wallet :

Max Transaction :

Final Tax :

3 Main Phases

Phase- 1

• Launch

• Lock.

• Rennounce.

Phase- 2

• Trending

• Dextool Update.

• Caller on Board.

• Advertisement.

• Marketing.

Phase- 3

• CT Onboard

• T1 Listing.

• 401k Secured.


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